Wellbeing and the anaesthetic trainer-trainee relationship

In this episode of Anaesthesia on Air, Dr Deirdre Conway hosts a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with Drs Nancy Redfern and Eoin Dore about wellbeing in the anaesthetic workplace and the particular dynamic between trainees and trainers. Amongst many other things Nancy, Eoin, and Deirdre discuss generational differences in work values, communication and honesty, self-care, and building a great environment for learning, drawing on their own experiences and the latest research and practices.

This episode is by way of partial accompaniment to the RCoA's popular Anaesthetists as Educators training programme, which Deirdre Conway and Nancy Redfern help to devise and deliver as course Faculty.


Dr Deirdre Conway

Dr Deirdre Conway is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Royal Infirmary Hospital of Edinburgh and St John's Hospital. Deirdre is the wellbeing lead for her department and a faculty member on the College's Anaesthetists as Educators Introduction course. 

Dr Nancy Redfern

Dr Nancy Redfern is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is Co-chair of joint fatigue working group and co-lead for mentoring at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Previously she was a Specialty Dean Director, College Tutor, Member of the European Board for Anaesthesia, on the workforce working conditions and welfare committee, and Past Vice President of the Association of Anaesthetists.


Dr Eoin Dore

Dr Eoin Dore is Chief Registrar at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, in the Thames Valley. He has undertaken roles including Junior Doctors Forum Chair at Birmingham City and Sandwell Hospitals and the John Radcliffe Hospital, and was most recently co-host of the RCoA 'NovPod - beginner's guide to anaesthetics' podcast miniseries.

Eoin has a busy life outside of work and can regularly be seen rowing up and down the Thames with Reading Rowing Club.

X/Twitter: @DoreEoin