International Academy of Colleges of Anaesthesiologists (IACA) Wellbeing Webinar

The International Academy of Colleges of Anaesthesiology (IACA) is pleased to present its end of year webinar, “Putting doctors health and wellbeing into practice”.

With doctors’ health and wellbeing an important issue being addressed by all five colleges of the IACA, this webinar encompasses personal stories, reflection, practical advice and the opportunity for questions, discussion and debate.  

The “Putting doctors health and wellbeing into practice” webinar runs for one hour with the first 30 minutes dedicated to three main speakers who are then joined by three panellists for a final 30 minute live questions and answer session.  

The College of Anaesthesiologists Ireland will host the webinar and taking into account the multiple time differences, we are pleased to inform you that registered delegates can access the webinar ) anytime on demand. 

To access the webinar please click here, you will first be asked to register, the webinar is free to watch.