Anaesthetic CCT Curriculum 2020 update

Published: 02/01/2020

The College is pleased to share the latest Anaesthetic CCT curriculum 2020 update.

The proposed 2020 Anaesthetic CCT curriculum is currently under review by the General Medical Council (GMC). Once GMC approval has been obtained, it is planned that the new curriculum will be implemented from August 2021 with a two-year transition period.

Transition will take place at the following times for trainees entering each level of training as below in August 2021:

  • new CT1: 2020 curriculum from start of training
  • CT2: transition to 2020 curriculum from entry to CT2
  • CT3: trainees completing CT2 from August 2021 onwards will continue in an additional third year to complete Core Training on the 2020 curriculum
  • ST4: will complete intermediate training then transition to 2020 curriculum at ST5
  • ST5: transition to 2020 curriculum on entry to ST5
  • ST6/7: remain on 2010 curriculum to CCT (up to two years).

Less than full time trainees and those on out of programme training, maternity or paternity leave will need an individualised plan to ensure they transition to the 2020 curriculum by the deadline of August 2023.

Trainees rotating in February will transition in the same way but six months later.

The College has requested that trainees who have completed CT2 and are not in a training post at the time of the transition will be able to access 12 month posts to complete Stage 1 of the 2020 curriculum.

For further details read the full update including a list of FAQs.