Ballot voting now open for the Council Election 2023

Published: 16/11/2023

The ballot is now open for three Consultant and two Anaesthetist in Training positions on RCoA Council. Successful candidates will contribute to the College and the specialty, and will represent our members at all stages of their working lives. 
You need to vote by no later than midday on 14 December 2023.  
How do I vote? 

The ballot is being conducted electronically and all those eligible to vote should now have received a ballot email, which was sent by Mi-Voice on 16 November 2023 to the primary email address you have registered with the College. Look out for a message from Your ballot email will take you to an election website where you can read the candidates’ statements and cast your vote. Members can contact for technical assistance and to request a re-issue of voting instructions. 


What should I do if I’ve not received my ballot email?   

If you have not received a ballot email and believe you should have, please:   

  • read the ‘Who can vote’ section below to double check the voting rights associated with your College membership category   

  • check all your email addresses, if you have more than one and you’re not sure which have registered with the College as your primary address   

  • check your junk mail     

After those steps, please get in touch via and include your college reference number.    

Who can vote?   

Those eligible to vote for the three Consultant member posts:   

  • Fellows 

  • Associate Fellows 

  • Members 

  • Associate Members 

  • Anaesthetists in Training 

  • Fellows in Training 

  • Senior Fellows and Members 

Honorary Fellows are not eligible to vote. 

Those eligible to vote for the two Anaesthetist in Training posts are:   

  • Anaesthetists in Training   

  • Fellows in Training 

Those who will be standing for election are listed below (in the order their applications were received). Terms of office begin from March 2024.   

Consultant Member Vacancy (three to elect)   

  • Dr Jon Chambers 

  • Dr Claire Mallinson 

  • Dr Sarah Ramsay 

  • Dr Paul Southall 

  • Dr Soumen Sen 

  • Dr Ian Walker 

  • Dr Orla Lacey 

 Anaesthetist in Training vacancy (two to elect): 

  • Dr Matthew Tuck 

  • Dr David Urwin 

  • Dr Mohamed Elbahnasy 

  • Dr Babak Barzi 

  • Dr Sophie Jackman 

  • Dr Jimmy Siu 

  • Dr Harry Drew 

  • Dr Christine James 

  • Dr Mickey Chong 

More information on our elections can be found here

Contact Information:   
Jonathan Brüün   
Chief Executive Officer