Implementation of the new Curriculum for CCT in Anaesthetics

Published: 04/08/2021

The Royal College of Anaesthetists is pleased to announce that today the new curriculum for a CCT in Anaesthetics has been implemented. The 2021 CCT Anaesthetics Curriculum provides a programme of learning that has been designed to deliver the necessary mix to meet the demands and aspirations of the NHS and develop all Anaesthetists in Training without compromising patient care.

Anaesthetists in Training will transition to the new curriculum at different points depending on what training has been completed and what training has been planned; please  see our implementation and transition page for further information. The curriculum has broadly the same content and scope as the existing 2010 anaesthetic curriculum, thereby ensuring a consistent output to meet the current and future demands of patients.

The full curriculum is available to download and read from our website.

The new ACCS curriculum has also been implemented and can be found here.

To support you during the implementation stage, the College:

There are a range of resources including presentations and webinars available on the RCoA website to help Anaesthetists in Training understand, transition, and have the best learning experience with the new curriculum. These include:

The College understands that this has been, and continues to be, a challenging time for our Anaesthetists in Training so we encourage those who are affected by the changes to please speak with your College TutorRegional Advisor or Training Programme Director with any questions or concerns. Alternatively, the College Training Team can be reached at