Lifelong Learning Platform Curriculum Transfer Update

Published: 04/08/2021

Since June 2021, Training Programme Directors and Deanery Administrators have been highlighting to Anaesthetists in Training that the College would start moving those who are transitioning in August 2021 from the 2010 Curriculum to the new 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum on the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP).

The LLP will be updated with the 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum on 4 August and although every effort has been made to ensure that it looks and feels the same as the existing platform, the College is aware there have been some concerns raised over the transition process and its implications for Anaesthetists in Training. We hope to address these concerns by answering the questions below.

Do I need to download my current LLP portfolio before curriculum transition?

No. LLP users can only be assigned to one curriculum at a time (2010 or 2021). However, all the records that have been saved and associated with a previous curriculum will still be available (nothing is being deleted or removed) and portfolios do NOT need to be downloaded in advance of switching to a new curriculum.

There is one important caveat to be aware of though; it is not possible to edit any of the old 2010 documents after switching to the 2021 curriculum, so we recommend Anaesthetists in Training ensure they are all complete and approved before transitioning curriculums.

If you choose to download your portfolio after transitioning to the 2021 Curriculum, that file will contain any new 2021 entries made, as well as all of your previous 2010 entries.

Can I be switched back to my old curriculum on the LLP?

Yes. If you need to temporarily switch back to your previously assigned curriculum, you can request this here.

Will all the new functionality be available from day one?

From 4 August, LLPs functionality will fully support users with the majority of requirements for the 2021 Curriculum. This launch functionality is in line with the changes defined in the 2021 Curriculum, the result of detailed requirements gathering and agreed with our team of advising clinicians – all of which has been continuously monitored over the past few months.

Below is a list of additional LLP functionality which is currently being developed.

2021 ACCS & ANAESTHESIA Curricula

  1. EQ2B Stage 2 Top-up Certificate (required by those who enter ST5 in August)
  2. Wording change on Personal Activity and Personal Reflection (amended to say “Key Capabilities” rather than “Competencies”)
  3. Updating the Progress Donut - this does not initially automatically update when you add a FICM placement.

2021 ACCS Curriculum

  1. ACCS specific Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)
    1. ANAES SLEs will be available though and can be used with the appropriate comments
  2. Faculty Educational Governance form.