Published: 16/01/2023

Today we are launching PatientsVoices@RCoA, our group of volunteers which supports, advises and influences the College by providing the patient perspective on its activities.

Building on the success of the Lay Committee, which was established in 1998, PatientsVoices@RCoA signals our commitment to:

  • a new approach to patient and public involvement
  • achieving more impactful engagement with the diverse community of patients in the UK and their representatives.

Through its commitment for 2023-2027, PatientsVoices@RCoA will work towards delivering clear objectives for ensuring a strong patient voice as the College delivers its own strategic objectives over the coming years.

PatientsVoices@RCoA will do this by:

  • developing a stronger more influential and representative voice throughout the College
  • improving how it communicates and engages with stakeholders internally and externally
  • increasing its impact by developing effective ways of working and using a variety of approaches to patient engagement

Ms Pauline Elliott, Chair of PatientsVoices@RCoA, said:

“The establishment of PatientsVoices@RCoA represents a significant step on our journey towards our overarching goal.  We want to ensure that the College, its members and the wider anaesthetic community hear the patient voice loudly and clearly.  The best outcomes will surely be achieved when clinicians, patients and carers work together, listening to each other and making shared decisions about care.”

Dr Fiona Donald, President of the RCoA, said:

“We are privileged to have such a diverse and committed group of people to help us turn our ambitions for safe, more effective patient-centred care and healthier outcomes for all into reality.”

“We want PatientsVoices@RCoA to be our critical friend for years to come and to help us enhance patients’ experience of anaesthesia and perioperative care. I very much look forward to working with them.”