RCoA response to HEE training places

Published: 13/05/2022

England will have 100 more anaesthetists and intensivists to address the 6m waiting list backlog, thanks to sustained pressure by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

An additional 70 training places for anaesthetists and 30 intensivists has been announced by Health Education England (HEE), following the publication of a report by the Royal College of Anaesthetists that shows that the UK is cancelling 1million planned operations each year because of a 1,400 shortfall in the anaesthetic workforce.

The new training posts means 100 more doctors in training will be able to progress to the higher levels of training in order to become consultants.

Dr Fiona Donald, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, said: "We welcome the announcement of these posts in England as a good first step to addressing the 1,400 shortfall of anaesthetists in the UK.

“Our State of the Nation report shows that this 1,400 shortfall is already causing 1m operations to be cancelled each year - we are pleased that HEE has recognised this and responded, and we will continue to engage with parliament, the NHS and HEE to present the case for a further expansion.

"This is welcome news for our hard-pressed anaesthetists in training."

The places will be funded for 2022/2023. The Royal College of Anaesthetists is seeking to understand the status regarding any additional training posts in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and will share this information as soon as possible