Guidance material

Getting started with the Lifelong Learning platform

A range of guidance has been produced to assist with using the
e-Portfolio, Logbook and CPD functions within the Lifelong Learning platform.

Improving your Lifelong Learning Platform

We are continuously monitoring the Lifelong Learning platform to ensure that all of our users receive the best experience possible. As we continue to develop and roll out the platform, we will be fixing bugs and identifying where improvements can be made, during this period we will be making sure that our Regional Leads are aware of any updates.

The College will listen and respond to your feedback in order to embed the new platform with improved functionality and user experience - please contact:

Release updates

Our release updates offer brief, high-level descriptions of technical issues that have been resolved, as well as enhancements and new features.

YouTube guidance videos for anaesthetists in training

For anaesthetists in training, YouTube videos are available on the following functions:

  • Introduction to Lifelong Learning and workplace-based assessments (WPBA)

  • Personal activities and personal reflection

  • e-portfolio download

  • Logbook

  • Document store

  • Personal development plan

  • Supervisory meetings and educational supervisors structured report (ESSR)

  • Uploading existing CUT forms to the platform

  • Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP

For consultants and SAS doctors, a full User Guide on the CPD functionality is available below: