2010 Curriculum

The rules and regulations governing training are contained within the curriculum. These are approved by the GMC, who are the regulators of training. The previous iteration of the curriculum was produced in 2010 and was last updated in August 2017. This Curriculum was written in alignment with Standards for Curricula and Assessment Systems [GMC; 2010].

Each level of training is represented within the annex documents, and provide additional information on the requirements for completion of the training programme.

Below you can find curriculum documents.

For a stage-by-stage description of the 2010 training programme, including examples of the related forms and certificates, please see our 2010 Training programme page.

More information on the types of assessments required to progress can be found on Workplace Based Assessments.

Click on the link for information on the ACCS curriculum.

2010 Curriculum

2010 Curriculum document

Annex A

CCT in Anaesthetics - Professionalism in Medical Practice (Annex A)

Annex B

CCT in Anaesthetics - Basic Level Training (Annex B)

Annex C

CCT in Anaesthetics - Intermediate Level Training (Annex C)

Annex D

CCT in Anaesthetics - Higher Level Training (Annex D)

Annex E

CCT in Anaesthetics - Advanced Level Training (Annex E)

Annex F

CCT in Anaesthetics - Intensive Care Medicine (Annex F)

Annex G

CCT in Anaesthetics - Teaching & Training, Academic & Research (inc audit) & Management for Anaes, CC & PM (Annex G)