Novice Guide

Novice guide

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has produced a guide for novice trainees to support your first three to six months on the training programme.

The Novice Guide contain key documents and a step-by-step guide to help trainees get started on the training programme.

As a College we work closely with the Association of Anaesthetists, the Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine, The Intercollegiate Committee for ACCS Training and many other Specialist Societies who focus on specific areas of anaesthetic practice and development.

IAC Demonstration

The College have also created a demonstration of an IAC, including examples of the evidence required. 

Click on the links within the IAC to open the associated MTR, EPAs and the other forms in your current browser window. Use your browser's back arrow to return to the previous document (go up one level) when required.

Listen to NovPod, a beginner's guide to anaesthesia

Novice Airway Guidance

You can also download our Novice Airway Guidance below.