NovPod, a beginner’s guide to anaesthetics, Episode 10: On-calls for the Novice feat. Dr Rosie Grimes

We are joined by special guest Dr Rosie Grimes to talk about the ups and downs of being the anaesthetist on-call. Reflections aplenty, as well as some great advice about what to expect when holding the anaesthetic bleep and how to look after yourself when you're on-call.

The Novpod: a beginner's guide to anaesthetics is created, edited, and co-hosted by Dr Eoin Dore and Dr Duncan Kemp. We are two anaesthetic registrars on a mission to help our new anaesthetic colleagues get to know some of the new concepts you will come across in your novice period, hopefully helping to take away any anxiety around starting your time in anaesthetics.

The NovPod is presented by Anaesthesia on Air, in association with the Royal College of Anaesthesia.

Please note that all opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the individuals appearing on the podcast and do not necessarily reflect the views of the RCoA.


Published August 2023
Eoin Dore - co-Creator, Editor and Producer

Eoin graduated from UCL in 2014 and after completing foundation training in London began ACCS anaesthetics training in Birmingham, before starting his registrar training in Thames Valley in 2021. Now starting his ST5 year, he’s taken on a new role as Chief Registrar at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Duncan Kemp - Co-Creator and Producer

Duncan graduated from UCL in 2014. He trained in Northwest London and is currently an anaesthetic registrar in North Central London.

Dr Rosie Grimes

Rosie is an ST5 anaesthetic trainee who graduated from UCL in 2014. She has carried out her anaesthetic training to date in South London, and has an interest in Education and Wellbeing.  

As well as completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education, she teaches on a variety of Novice courses, and is passionate about advocating for the wellbeing of her peers as a Trainee Representative. Outside of medicine, she enjoys hiking, exploring London, yoga and reading.