NovPod, a beginner’s guide to anaesthetics, Episode 4: Preparing for theatre

This episode is all about how to prepare for your patient arriving in the anaesthetic room, with our special guest ODP colleagues Pam, and Munya Makuwaza. The first part of the episode is “NovPod on the road” with Eoin and Pam talking through things in an anaesthetic room, with the second part of the episode back in the studio with Eoin, Duncan and Munya. We discuss why we need to prepare the anaesthetic room, equipment, and drugs, as well as getting some excellent advice about how to work effectively as part of the anaesthetic team.

The Novpod: a beginner's guide to anaesthetics is created, edited, and co-hosted by Dr Eoin Dore and Dr Duncan Kemp. We are two anaesthetic registrars on a mission to help our new anaesthetic colleagues get to know some of the new concepts you will come across in your novice period, hopefully helping to take away any anxiety around starting your time in anaesthetics.

The NovPod is hosted by Anaesthesia on Air, and created in association with the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Please note that all opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the individuals appearing on the podcast and do not necessarily reflect the views of the RCoA.

AA machine check guideline and summary
YouTube video from University of Staffordshire (NB this is on a machine that performs automated checks)
Youtube video - non-automated machine check (video is lower quality but good content!)
E-learning for healthcare: e-LA module 1: Introduction to clinical anaesthesia > 03 Anaesthetic Equipment for Novice Trainees > 08 Preoperative equipment check + 06 The anaesthetic machine

Eoin Dore - co-Creator, Editor and Producer

Eoin graduated from UCL in 2014 and after completing foundation training in London began ACCS anaesthetics training in Birmingham, before starting his registrar training in Thames Valley in 2021. Now starting his ST5 year, he’s taken on a new role as Chief Registrar at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Duncan Kemp - Co-Creator and Producer

Duncan graduated from UCL in 2014. He trained in Northwest London and is currently an anaesthetic registrar in North Central London.

Munya Mukawaza - Preparing your theatre episode guest

Munya graduated from the University of Leicester in 2019 as an ODP (Operating Department Practitioner, working at the Royal Free Hospital London since 2020. As a senior ODP he is heavily involved with training of ODPs as well as working closely with novice anaesthetic trainees on a regular basis.

In his spare time, Munya enjoys football, rugby and amateur rally cross racing.