SAS Committee

SAS Committee

The SAS Committee

The SAS committee was set up to look after the interests of all SAS anaesthetists. It has close links with the SAS Committee of the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA), and works with the College and Council to promote all matters relating to doctors working in SAS posts and other related roles.

The aims of the SAS Committee are:

  • To advise Council, and/or its Committees on all matters relating to doctors working in SAS (Staff and Associate Specialist) posts and other related roles. This definition encompasses any practicing anaesthetist no longer in training and who is not a consultant
  • To encourage and facilitate the professional development and academic knowledge of SAS doctors
  • To encourage and facilitate the career development of SAS doctors, in areas such as involvement with the delivery of training, Examinerships and involvement with local and national management roles
  • To act as the College’s focal point for SAS Doctors on issues and concerns within the College’s sphere of influence
  • To liaise with the relevant commissioners of training in all matters relating to the training and education of SAS doctors
  • To liaise with the other medical Royal Colleges, the AoA and other professional bodies on issues of mutual interest
  • To liaise with other College committees, including the Training Committee, Professional Standards and Examinations Committee, on issues relevant to SAS Doctors
  • To provide information relevant to SAS Doctors, through the RCoA Website, contributions to the AoA SAS Handbook and other appropriate channels

The SAS Committee has a broad range of members from across the UK. We welcome any interest from potential new members.

The College cannot advise on issues relating to employment or Terms & Conditions of service, which are best directed to the AoA.

If you would like to get more involved in the work the College is doing for SAS doctors, please get in touch with us at

To read the Terms of Reference for the SAS Committee please see below

Our Committee Members

Dr Ashwini Keshkamat

Chair of the SAS Committee

Professor Michael Grocott

Council Member

Dr Sunil Kumar

SAS Representative

Dr Russell Perkins

Council Member

Dr Felicity Plaat

Council Member