Assessment Strategy for 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum

Published: 12/01/2023

Linking curriculum content to the examinations – Blueprints and examination syllabus

The FRCA examinations form part of a variety of assessment tools designed to support anaesthetic anaesthetists in training acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to meet the standards expected on completion of training. The examinations are mapped to the relevant higher learning outcomes and Stage of training within the curriculum through the assessment blueprint, which in itself is an essential tool for assessment planning1. The Primary and Final FRCA examination syllabus provides the anaesthetists in training and their trainers with detailed information on specific areas of anaesthetic training covered by each examination component. This ensures that the expected content of each examination and the standard of performance expected is clearly defined. In this way, progress can be monitored and appropriate feedback can be reported back to candidates and trainers