Selection and appointment of FRCA examiners regulations

Published: 31/07/2019

9. Retirement and resignation

9.1 Retirement

Examiners may retire at the end of their appointed term, minimum 6 years / maximum 10 years. On reaching 10 years, examiners who do not wish to retire may return on a "Retire and Return" basis (see point 5, Examiner contracts).

Examiners who retire from clinical practice may continue to examine to the end of the academic year.

9.2 Resignation

a. If an examiner wishes to resign, it should normally take effect from the end of the academic year.

b. The ETE Board reserves the right, acting on the advice of the Committee, to ask an examiner to resign at any time.

c. An examiner who resigns may subsequently apply to be re-appointed for the balance of his/her term of office.