Assessment Strategy for 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum

Published: 12/01/2023

Standard setting: Quality assurance

A full Person Specification and Job Description is provided for examiners. The FRCA Examiner Appointment and Selection Regulations give full details of all parts of the selection and appointment process used by the RCoA.

All FRCA examiners are experienced consultants, and the RCoA is fortunate that most examiners are able to commit to at least 10 days examining per year, and with the vast majority of examiners committing to a 10-year term. This ensures consistency in the boards of examiners and gives all examiners regular exposure to examining and the examination process.

Examiner training is mandatory for new examiners, which includes the principles of assessment and taking part in mock examinations. Regular training sessions are held for existing examiners, and throughout their examiner term, all examiners undergo audit and appraisal.

All examiners are expected to undertake an annual E&D training session, which is arranged by the examinations department. The training varies from presentations, workshops and e-learning sessions, all of which are designed in-house and specific to the assessment methods used by the FRCA.

The FRCA examinations do not currently use lay examiners, although lay input is encouraged through attendance at committees and working groups. Members of the lay committee gave assistance and advice to examiners in the construction of OSCE communication and history questions.