Primary OSCE/SOE – next sitting

Countdown to closing date for applications:
Closing date: 
05 April 2018, 17:00

Exam date: w/c 14 May 2018

Future dates: 

The Primary FRCA OSCE and SOE must be taken together at the first attempt. If one component is failed only that component has to be retaken. If both sections are failed then they must be retaken together.


Online application and payment for examinations 

We are now able to accept online bookings for FRCA exams; to do so, simply click here, register, and follow the instructions. 

Please be aware that your eligibility is based on information that you must provide to the college in advance of an applicationand so, if we have not received copies of certain documents you will be unable to complete an online application.  These documents include: Initial Assessments of Competency (IACs) and Basic Level Training Certificates (BLTCs) or their equivalents, such as MTI supervisor’s reports, NHS appraisals or ICM Stage 1 certificates.  The documents that should be submitted in advance are outlined in the exam regulations.

If you need to submit your certificates, or have any other query, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on

For further information about on-line exam applications please visit the FAQ page.

You must have a valid pass in the Primary MCQ and have been awarded the Initial Assessment of Competency Certificate in Anaesthesia
(or equivalent) to sit this exam.

Number of attempts
A maximum of six attempts. An AET FORM1 must be submitted at least three months before the sixth attempt can be taken.

A single component pass in the Primary OSCE or SOE is valid for three years. After which time if the whole Primary examination is not passed the relevant component will have to be retaken.

Results and statistics

Details of results and statistics for all FRCA exams can be found here.

Guidance is offered after failure of both or either component on request.

A quick eligibility check is set out below. You must be:

Primary OSCE SOE – maximum six attempts – component pass valid for three years
Registered with the GMC or other National Medical Council


  • Currently registered with the College as a UK trainee in Anaesthesia or ACCS or registered with the Faculty as a trainee in ICM, OR
  • An Anaesthetist who is registered with the College in a recognised membership category (not affiliated) (see Related Information) OR
  • Has previously successfully applied for Temporary Examination Eligibility (TEE) AND
Passed the Primary FRCA MCQ in the last three years
Awarded the Initial Assessment of Competence in Anaesthesia or recognised equivalent

The full eligibility for this exam is listed at Section 6 Paragraph 15 of the Examination Regulations.