Primary and Final FRCA examinations regulations

Published: 26/07/2019

Section 9: Special Arrangements



Regulations 27 to 29 apply only to candidates whose pregnancy or pregnancy-related illness or condition renders them unable to sit an examination. These Regulations do not apply to any other situations (see paragraph 25). This special treatment in relation to pregnancy is permitted under the Equality Act 2010.


Any prospective candidate should notify the examinations department as soon as possible of the fact of their pregnancy and the expected week of confinement. Such details should, where possible, be provided to the exams department at the time of application.


A prospective candidate must advise the exams department on application or as soon as possible if:

(a) she has any pregnancy-related problems or illness; or

(b) her confinement is due shortly before or around the date of the examination; or

(c) her condition gives her sufficient discomfort for her to consider that it will have a detrimental effect upon her performance.

(d) A special arrangement in respect to reasonable exam adjustment is requested, (see Appendix 3).

In such circumstances, should such a candidate be unable to sit for the examination, withdrawal will be permitted and the examination fee will be refunded (subject to a deduction for administrative expenses). In some circumstances, the College may be able to make an adjustment to account for pregnancy related conditions. Candidates should contact the Head of Examinations to discuss possible reasonable adjustments, (see Appendix 3).


A candidate who does not inform the examinations department of her pregnancy on application will not normally be allowed to withdraw her application after the closing date without forfeiting her examination fee. However, when the pregnancy is diagnosed after submitting an application but prior to the examination and the candidate is subsequently unable to attend for the examination due to pregnancy-related reasons, then the candidate may withdraw from the examination and the fee will be refunded (subject to a deduction for administrative expenses).



The College is committed to ensure that all candidates have equal opportunity to demonstrate their ability in all FRCA examinations and will make reasonable adjustments to examination arrangements as appropriate for individual disabled candidates. The definition of ‘disability’ and ‘reasonable adjustment’ under the Equality Act 2010 and the procedure to follow for candidates seeking examination adjustments are set out in Appendix 3 of these regulations.


Temporary medical conditions

The College will consider special arrangements in the form of ‘reasonable adjustments’ for candidates who have a temporary, ongoing or fluctuating medical condition that does not meet the definition of a disability as set out in the Equality Act 2010 but does affect a candidate’s ability to take a planned sitting of an examination. The procedures to follow are set out in Appendix 3.