NovPod, a beginner’s guide to anaesthetics, Episode 1: Introducing the NovPod

Welcome to the NovPod: a beginner's guide to anaesthetics! In this episode we introduce what we are setting out to do in the coming series and some of the topics we are going to cover. This episode features some interesting reflections and top tips from a few of our excellent consultant colleagues. References and links are listed below.

The Novpod: a beginner's guide to anaesthetics is created, edited, and co-hosted by Dr Eoin Dore and Dr Duncan Kemp. The NovPod is hosted by Anaesthesia on Air, and created in association with the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Please note that all opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the individuals appearing on the podcast and do not necessarily reflect the views of the RCoA.

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Published July 2023

Eoin Dore - co-Creator, Editor and Producer

Eoin graduated from UCL in 2014 and after completing foundation training in London, one particularly challenging night shift made him realise the impact that he could have on patients by pursuing a career in anaesthetics and critical care. Following this new found ambition, he began ACCS anaesthetics training in Birmingham before starting his registrar training in Thames Valley in 2021. Now starting his ST5 year, he’s taken on a new role as Chief Registrar at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

After witnessing close friends and colleagues struggle with the challenges of performing extraordinary roles day in and day out - and the impact that this can have on their personal lives - he began taking a keen interest in trainee welfare. This has seen Eoin undertake roles including Junior Doctors Forum Chair at Birmingham City and Sandwell Hospitals, and the John Radcliffe Hospital. His work in trainee welfare has been acknowledged by receiving the HPMA Bevan Britain wellbeing award.

The decision to start the NovPod came from his passion for trainee welfare and reflecting on his own experience of feeling a bit lost during his novice period. Eoin and Duncan joined forces (and experiences) to create the NovPod after working together on a project which won Best Podcast in a Difficult Airway Society multimedia competition in 2022.

Outside of work, Eoin has a busy life keeping up with friends and family. He can regularly be spotted rowing up and down the Thames with Reading Rowing club. Eoin’s also recently been learning to knit after the arrival of new nieces, nephews and godchildren! All keeping him very busy.

Twitter: @DoreEoin

Duncan Kemp - Co-Creator and Producer

Duncan graduated from UCL in 2014. He trained in Northwest London and is currently an anaesthetic registrar in North Central London.

Throughout his career, Duncan has always taken a keen interest in teaching and training at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, gaining a qualification in medical education in the process.

He has taken this passion further by co-creating and co-producing the NovPod podcast with Eoin Dore, where they share their collective experiences and interview esteemed guests with the aim of helping novices navigate the challenge of starting their anaesthetics careers. This podcast started after they collaborated on a project that won Best Podcast in a Difficult Airway Society Multimedia Competition in 2022.

Duncan’s interests outside of work include drumming, yoga and supporting Scottish sport - come rain or shine!