Novice Guide

Published: 13/08/2019

Lifelong Learning Platform

The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) is an online portal used to record evidence of learning and achievement during training. It is equipped with a logbook function and can also be used after completion of training to log evidence of continuing professional development. Anaesthetists in training are provided with an LLP account when they register with the College and this is used for the duration of training. 

The LLP should be used to record a range of evidence while working towards the IAC: 

Supervised Learning Events

Episodes of feedback and reflection using A-CEX, DOPS, CBD and ALMAT tools.

Personal Activities

Records of learning activities such as but not limited to: attendance at courses, simulation, e-learning or departmental teaching.

Personal Reflections

Anonymised records of reflective practice during the novice period and throughout your career.

Multiple Trainer Report (MTR) 

Used to collect supervisor feedback as part of a global assessment of progress towards award of the IAC. It is initiated on LLP by your educational supervisor and requires a minimum of three responses. 


The LLP is equipped with a logbook that can be used to record clinical and procedural experience gained during the novice period and beyond. Anaesthetists are expected to keep an anonymised log of all cases they are involved in – it is useful to try to keep up to date with this.

Example IAC Portfolio

This learning resource will give you a clearer idea of the quantity and quality of evidence that is expected to achieve the IAC. No two novice periods are identical and the programme of assessment has been designed to be flexible. It is important that you record evidence of learning consistently, including activities and experiences that are meaningful to you, and showing progression towards the required supervision level for each EPA.

The example IAC Portfolio can be accessed here. It includes all required elements with the exception of a logbook.

ACCS Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine 

The Kaizen and NES e-portfolios can also be used to complete the IAC. ACCS trainees should continue to use their parent specialty e-portfolio during their six-month anaesthetic placement