Examinations regulations

Published: 29/07/2019

Appendix 8: Additional Educational Training Form – AET Form1

Notes on completion of AET Form1:

1. To meet eligibility at the sixth (final) attempt at any FRCA examination, a candidate must provide the Board of Examiners with evidence of a plan of additional educational experience/training which is expected to be achieved before the next intended resit.
Please note under normal circumstances the College would not recommend re-applying at the next sitting.

2. Additional educational training must be as follows: Attendance at a recognised FRCA course, either locally or nationally. Practice sessions at the relevant component. Evidence of modules undertaken/to be taken in e-LA (if applicable)(available in UK only). Further clinical exposure and anaesthetic training as appropriate, for the relevant examination component.

3. Proof should be provided by the submission of this form, which must be agreed and signed by a College Tutor/supervising Anaesthetic Consultant and received by the College at least three months prior to the published date of the next intended examination.

4. Before completing this form the College Tutor or Supervising Anaesthetic Consultant, in consultation with other hospital anaesthetic trainers, must hold a discussion with the candidate and giving serious consideration to previous examination results and shortfalls, agree that following additional training, another attempt at the examination is recommended.

5. The College Tutor or Supervising Consultant must agree to assist in the implementation of a realistic and achievable plan of additional training which must meet the criteria set out on this form.

AET Form 1 – Evidence of Additional Educational Training: (To be completed by CT or Anaesthetic Consultant)