Primary and Final FRCA examinations regulations

Published: 26/07/2019

Section 8: Application Procedures



The examination calendar and details of online application and payment are available on the College website.


Applications for admission to an examination must be received by the College on or after the published opening date but not later than 5.00 pm on the published closing date of the sitting applied for, as shown in the examinations calendar. When applying online, candidates will receive an email confirming booking and payment. 


Applications for admission to examinations and Temporary Examination Eligibility (TEE) must be accompanied by the fee and any certificates required to support the application form. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. TEE applications which arrive after published deadline dates will be held until the next active deadline date.


TEE applicants must have had their TEE approved by the College at least three months before the published start date of the examination applied for and issued with a TEE number which must be quoted on all applications.


The fees payable for admission to each part shall be those fixed by Council and published in the examinations calendar.



A candidate withdrawing an application for admission to an examination before the closing date for applications may receive back the full amount of the fee paid, providing the withdrawal request is within 14 days of receipt of the application.

If greater than 14 days, the refund is subject to an administration fee (the 14-day rule). Withdrawal requests must be received in writing. 

A candidate who withdraws in any other circumstances within 7 working days of an exam date, including non-issue of entry visas (with the exception of those described in Section 9), or who fails to appear for an examination, will not be entitled to any refund of fee.

Candidates who are forced to withdraw from an examination after the closing date due to a situation beyond their control, such as illness, bereavement or other extenuating circumstances, may be entitled to a refund, less the admin charge on receipt of written evidence. 

Fees cannot be deferred from one exam to another and candidates must prove their eligibility for each exam sitting they apply for.