Education Programme & Quality Working Group Member

In order for the College education programme to become and remain a world leader, it has to continue to build on its status as a go-to trusted provider of up to date, quality educational information.

The Education Programme and Quality Working Group has been set up by the Education and Professional Development Committee to manage, drive and approve the detailed elements of the College’s event programme, as well as the production, coverage and quality of new online content. The group is made up of doctors from across all grades within the specialty in order to represent the diverse audiences the College’s education programme aims to attract.

Members will form part of a virtual group who will review event programmes and formats, suggest programme developments and improvements as well as provide quality assurance using key performance indicators (KPIs) and feedback to ensure the highest quality standards are enforced for all educational opportunities and content.

The Education Programme and Quality Working Group’s default position will be to deal with the business of the group via electronic communication and to reach decisions without face-to-face meetings. There will be a formal meeting once a year where the physical presence of members is required.

Virtual group with one face to face meeting a year – no travel required.

What do we require from you?

  • To participate in the virtual group –  inputting ideas and suggestions on how the College can improve its education content
  • To contribute to overarching planning and development of courses and events that include core and novel topics in anaesthesia, avoiding duplications in programmes and clashes with competitor events
  • To actively seek out and suggest names to increase the number of new clinical content leads (CCLs) and speakers involved with producing and delivering educational content and events
  • To consider, decide and provide feedback for event and content creation proposals for addition into the overall education programme
  • As a group to review feedback and KPIs on each event and piece of educational content and use this information to refine future programmes and curated content
  • To assist in the  research, development and implementation of innovative ways of delivering education using live and online channels, covering a variety of topics and audiences
  • To help establish a culture that allows the College to gain access to, and represent, a more diverse pool of talent for our CCLs, speakers and faculty, across age, gender and ethnicity
  • To assist in seeking out, where appropriate, national and international collaboration with relevant partner organisations and industry
  • To attend an annual meeting of the group, where overarching themes will be discussed.


  • Your name associated with anaesthetic thought leaders and standard setters
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your leadership on a national scale working with the College
  • Network and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Develop new skills in leading and managing an educational programme
  • The opportunity to shape and develop high-quality professional development
  • Self-accredit CPD credits for the preparation and delivery of your programme.


  • To be one of the following:
    • FRCA and/or hold a substantive specialty doctor/SAS grade or consultant post in the NHS
    • an College-registered anaesthetist in training
    • hold student or foundation year doctor membership of the College
  • To currently be active in clinical practice
  • Be able to demonstrate relevant clinical experience
  • To have the support of your clinical director, line manager, supervisor or responsible officer
  • People without clinical experience will be considered for non-clinical roles at appropriate events.

Insider's View 

How to apply

Please contact the events team on to apply.

To see the types of events the College runs, and to view our current programme, please visit the events calendar.