College Tutors 2024 Poster Competition

College Tutors were encouraged to invite their trainees to submit an abstract for the College Tutors Meeting 2024.

The authors of the best abstracts were invited to submit a poster for display online and these are therefore included below.

The authors of the three best abstracts were invited to present their work in person during a plenary session at the meeting. The best overall presentation was awarded a prize, and their abstracts will be published in the College Bulletin.

  1. Augmented Reality Neuraxial Training in Obstetric Anaesthetics
    Written by Dr G Evans, Dr J Wilson, Dr W Troake and Dr K Cassidy
  2. Introduction to trauma for core anaesthetic trainees; a simulation based training day
    Written by Dr F Woodall and Dr K Sprigge
  3. Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate, virtual Preparation for the worst case scenario: The development, feasibility and experience testing of a novel virtual reality simulation for emergency front of neck access
    Written by Dr N Gauge, Dr L Barnes, Dr H Jefferson, Dr L Oakley and Dr S Shiels
  4. Implementation of trainee-led self-rostering on an anaesthetic trainee on-call rota
    Written by Dr M Tonkins, Dr L Pengelly and Dr P Shannon
  5. Improving Education and Preparedness for Doctors in Training at the Start of their Stage 2 Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care Rotation
    Written by Dr A Allana, Dr J Westwood, Dr Shiv Vohra and Dr F Wessels
  6. Trainee to Consultant Feedback
    Written by Dr J Swani, Dr T Brunning & Dr E Johnson
  7. The SOFA of Anaesthesia: A Tool to Improve Learning Opportunities in Theatre
    Written by Dr M Hartley and Dr J Briscoe
  8. Trainees Training Trainees
    Written by Dr C Moran and Dr A Primrose
  9. Anaesthetic Rotas: time for a change?
    Written by Dr R Chaudhuri, Dr T Brunning and Dr E Johnson
  10. Been Well? Why every Trust should have a Wellbeing Team
    Written by Dr E A Cooper, Dr J J Pick and Dr Y Kalamkar
  11. Trainee survey on Sub-Speciality selection                                                                                                   Written by Dr J Fisher and Dr P Paisley
  12. Finding flexibility: a semi-algorithmic approach to anaesthetic self-rostering in South Yorkshire
    Written by Dr J Emberey and Dr H Winder
  13. Development of a single reference guide for trainees planning a period of maternity/paternity/shared parental leave in the Welsh School of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine
    Written by Dr J A Loughran, Dr J S Myo, Dr E Boucher and Dr E Duff
  14. Empowering Growth: Creating a Supportive Learning Environment for Non-Clinical Skill Development - A Personal Reflection
    Written by Dr N Tageldin and Dr Y Kalamkar
  15. A Self-Rostered Rota for Anaesthetists in Training: Enhancing the Provision of a Tertiary Centre Neuroanaesthesia Service
    Written by Dr G B Adkins, Dr A E Blevin and Dr A P Devlin
  16. It’s Only Money, Isn’t It?  Impact of Pay Discrepancies on Anaesthetist in Training Wellbeing
    Written by Dr L Bubb, Dr E Robinson adn Dr J Haidon
  17. Improving the proficiency of chest drain insertion by anaesthetists
    Written by Dr K James and Dr S Hanger
  18. Welsh Intensive Care Society – Audit and Research Trainees (WICS-ART). An intensive care trainee research network in Wales: set up, delivery and impact
    Written by Dr B Baxter, Dr L Ivatt, Dr S Elgarf, Dr E Godfrey, Dr G Picton Dr H White

  19. The introduction of problem-based learning in post-graduate education for anaesthetists in training
    Written by Dr R E M Tresman and Dr R Mason

  20. The design and development of The Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP) Associate Principal Investigators (API) National Collaborative
    Written by Dr E Warwick and Dr R Brooks

  21. Lessons learnt from The Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP) Associate Principal Investigators (API) National Collaborative
    Written by Dr E Warwick and Dr R Brooks

  22. The design, implementation and development of the Leeds regional IAC teaching programme
    Written by Dr L Powley and Dr R Holmes

  23. Peer-led teaching for novice anaesthetists
    Written by Dr E Patton, Dr E Lowe, Dr L McDermott Dr V Stokes and Dr S Stanley

  24. Establishing and developing the Leeds Sedation Course for Anaesthetic Trainees
    Written by Dr R Holmes and Dr T Abouzied

  25. Keeping obstetric simulation fresh: the ongoing development of regional obstetric simulation training for core trainees
    Written by Dr S Hudson, Dr H Catton and Dr M Latif

  26. Transfer training for the professional era: A national approach
    Written by Dr T Hirst, Dr C Hickinbottom, Dr B Jones, Dr M Jenkins and Dr M Slattry

  27. The development, delivery and evaluation of a regional Final FRCA CRQ Writer's Course
    Written by Dr O Harvey, Dr L Vickers, Dr T Wijayasekara, Dr M Seavill, Dr L Hendon-John

  28. Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT): delivering anaesthetic research training opportunities in the UK
    Written by Dr M Belete, Dr R Jones, Dr R Hawes, Dr K Wollf, Dr K Preston, Dr M Williams, Dr W Spencer and Dr A Van Manen

  29. Inpatient Lumbar Puncture Services: Improving Efficiency through Medical Education
    Written by Dr J Gudgeon and Dr K Fisher

  30. Creation and delivery of a ‘hot topics’ near-peer teaching course for Final RCOA written exams in the Wales Deanery
    Written by Dr O D Thomas, Dr G Trisolini Longobardi, Dr J M Krawczyz, Dr J L Evans and Dr E J Fisher

  31. The ‘Excellent Educator Awards’: a celebration of outstanding educational supervision
    Written by Dr C Phillips nd Dr E Schulenburg

  32. The Grade 1 View Newsletter: A trainee initiative to improve regional cohesion
    Written by Dr L Allen and Dr C Philips

  33. Blended Buddy: A New Regional Viva Practice Programme
    Written by Dr C Leahy and Dr H Gooneratne

  34. ‘Levelling the portfolio playing field’ – equitable access to the lifelong learning platform among SAS anaesthetists
    Written by Dr T Arulampalam, Dr R Patel, Dr S Chandra, Dr F Green and Dr H Westall

  35. Schwartz Rounds: ‘When your best doesn’t feel good enough as an Anaesthetist’
    Written by Dr A Dhadda, Dr A Rimmer, Dr J Serrell, Dr J Lloyd-Evans and Dr L Duff

  36. Cappuccini Audit – Improvement in Anaesthetic Supervision with Implementation of the Duty Floor Anaesthetist
    Written by Dr J Grant, Dr V Chiappa and Dr S Edie

  37. RestaRTT: A workshop supporting trainees returning from maternity/parental leave in Wales
    Written by Dr J S Myo and Dr J Loughran

  38. Survey of East Midlands School of Anaesthesia (EMSA) novice trainee experiences following the 2021 curriculum change
    Written by Dr Z Buttigieg, Dr L Rambabu, Dr H Drysdale, Dr S Basar and Dr Padmakumar

  39. Improving the quality and quantity of informal feedback given to trainees at Lincoln County Hospital
    Written by Dr C Bingley, Dr K Joshi, Dr S Sultan, Dr P Yao, Dr E Khalil and Dr K Khalid

  40. The Effectiveness and Impact of a New Primary FRCA Teaching Programme at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust (UHDB) 
    Written by Dr G Buckingham,  Dr A Foulkes and Dr L. Carrick

  41. Flying foundation doctors: taster days in pre-hospital emergency medicine
    Written by Dr S Karimi and Professor A Hormis

  42. Developing an education programme for novice anaesthetists; practicalities and learning points
    Written by Dr D McDonald

  43. Celebrating Excellence Event
    Written by Dr A Kendall-Smith, Dr G Evans, Dr S Leifer, Dr C Roberts and Dr A Sykes

  44. Enhancing Support for Trainees After Patient Safety Incidents: A Framework Proposa
    Written by Dr P Chhaniyara and Dr S Handa

  45. QITE: Quality improvement project to improve trainee experience at Hull university teaching hospitals (HUTH)
    Written by Dr M A Mohamed Salim, Dr B Rajamani, Dr O Vijayakumar and Dr A Quinn

  46. Survey of Training Opportunities in Research in the East of England (STORE): do trainees feel able to obtain research experience?
    Written by Dr C Phillips, Dr L Allen, Dr S Loftus, Dr B Straughan and Dr H Beard

  47. NovPod: From content novices to producing novice content
    Written by Dr E Dore, Dr D Kemp, Dr R Grimes, Dr R Bandopadhyay and Dr J Lipton

  48. The bravo board- a tool to foster a positive working environment 
    Written by Dr S N Phillips

  49. Simulation-Based Teaching for Anaesthetic Emergencies: Enhancing Core Trainees' Competence in Managing Critical Situations
    Written by Dr R Williams