Anaesthetist reviewing machinery

Criteria of category

Registered medical practitioner in the UK who has passed the Primary FRCA examination or any other examination that Council consider to be sufficient for the purpose of membership [see Regulation (6)(1)] and have completed 12 months of anaesthetic training in the UK. As well as, no longer working in a Trainee role and are not working towards completing the anaesthetic training programme at the College.

Membership fee(s)

£310.00 (UK rate)

£225.00 (High Income Countries - according to World Bank Definitions)

£169.00 (Middle Income Countries (Lower-middle and Upper-middle) - according to World Bank Definitions)

£113.00 (Low Income Countries - according to World Bank Definitions)


How membership supports the work of the College:

Membership of the College directly contributes to advancing the specialty by supporting important work in clinical standards, patient safety and research. This includes:


Benefits of Member membership:

Infographic depicting the main benefits of College membership.

For a full list of benefits the College provides its membership, dependent on categories, please click here.

* If you do not already have a Lifelong Learning Platform account you can request one by emailing with the following details:

Email Subject Line = New LLP Account Request
Type of access required (e.g., Consultant, MTI Doctor, SAS Doctor, Trainee)
Your College Reference Number (CRN)
Your current Hospital

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