Taking the written exams online - guidance

Published: 01/10/2020

Logging in and starting your exam


You will need to prove your identity by showing the invigilator your current, valid passport or a current, valid photo driving licence issued by your government.

You will need to hold your ID up to the web camera on your computer so that the invigilator can see it clearly, and compare it to your face.  You will be asked to do this at the start of each exam.

Logging in and starting your exam

Before the exam you should have downloaded the TestReach App onto the computer you will be using to take the exam.

You should log in 15 minutes before the start time you selected for your exam. You will then be placed in a queue as the invigilator will be admitting candidates into the exam.There may therefore be a small delay of up to 15 minutes to connect you to an invigilator. Do not worry, you will still be able to take your test and you will receive your full test time.

The invigilators will ask for your ID and will then secure the test environment by asking you to use your webcam or mobile phone to pan the room. They will be checking that there is nothing in the room that is not permitted in the test such as text books, study aids pinned to walls or your monitor or any other distractions.

The invigilators will ask you to show them the sheet of A4 you will be using to make notes on the test (they will also ask to see this at the end of the test).

You will be asked to show your wrists to check you are not wearing a smart watch, you will also be asked to empty your pockets and remove any items not permitted in the test. If you are wearing a tie, the invigilator will check that there are no notes or aid attached to the tie.  You will be asked to turn off your mobile phone and to place it out of reach for the duration of the test.  

When the test begins, the system is locked to avoid internet searches during the test. In other words, you will remain within the test screen at all times for the duration of the exam. Please do not block the webcam for any reason during the exam.

During this time, you will be watched by the invigilator in the same way an invigilator watches over an exam hall.  The invigilator will be muted so as not to disturb you. If you wish to talk to the invigilator you can either talk or use the chat function. They may take a few minutes to respond, so please be patient.

Please behave in a courteous manner to the invigilator and comply with any requests and respond to any questions that they may ask.