Taking the written exams online - guidance

Published: 21/03/2022

Troubleshooting - loss of internet connection

loss of internet connection

If your connection speed becomes too slow, or drops completely, a “shutter” comes down on your test screen, alerting you to the fact. At this point, the exam is paused and you cannot access your exam in any way, see questions or see answers you have written etc.

During this time, the system will continually try to re-establish the connection for a period of up to 10 minutes (usually fluctuations in internet speed only take a second or two to come back online). As soon as a connection is detected, the shutter will lift and the test will resume - you will continue where you left off.

If after 10 minutes, connection has not been re-established, your exam will automatically terminate and you will no longer be visible in the invigilator screen. You can still return to the exam by clicking again on the connect button on your test dashboard. However, if the TestReach support team has not had communication from you after 5 minutes of the test auto terminating (by this point your test will have been stopped for 15 minutes), TestReach will remove the access back into the exam. In this event, you should contact the examinations department to discuss next steps.


  1. Disconnect your Wi-Fi or ethernet connection by right-clicking on the tab showing the wi-fi signal, then reconnect it by clicking on your desired Wi-Fi.
  2. If you have a smartphone and a good enough signal, you can use your phone as a Wireless Access Point by activating it as a hotspot. An explanation on how to do it on both Android and iPhone follows.