Taking the written exams online - guidance

Published: 01/10/2020

Breaks, taking notes and reviewing your exam


Candidates are permitted one, 3-minute comfort break during the examination if required. Candidates must alert the invigilator before leaving the room. The exam clock is not paused during this time. The invigilator will monitor time spent from the room and log any unusual behaviour on return to the room.

Taking notes

Candidates are permitted one sheet of blank A4 paper on which to make notes. The A4 sheet must be shown to the invigilator at both the start and the end of the test. Copying full or parts of a question will be deemed a violation and your exam will be made void.  Alternatively, you can use the electronic note pad located in the top right of the screen. You cannot save notes in this notepad. 

Reviewing questions 

If you wish to review, or answer a question or part of a question later, you should flag that question in the system. At the end of this exam you will be able to see which questions you have flagged and return to them.

Queries and feedback on examination content cannot be dealt with during your examination and should be emailed to exams@rcoa.ac.uk