2021 Curriculum learning syllabus: stage 2

Published: 09/02/2021

Procedural Sedation

Stage learning outcome

  • Provides safe sedation to ASA 1 to 3 adults and children in any location within the hospital

Key capabilities A to D


Utilises appropriate sedation techniques by a variety of routes of administration and multiple drug combinations, including target-controlled infusions.


Utilises sedation protocols and scoring systems


Explains the risks of delivering sedation outside the operating theatre and acts to mitigate these risks


Recognises when the use of sedation is inappropriate and formulates an alternative safe plan

Examples of Evidence

  • SLEs throughout stage of training in appropriate cases eg ophthalmic surgery, trauma, dentistry, endoscopy, Intensive Care, cardioversion.
Personal activities and reflections:
  • courses and e-Learning: sedation scoring
  • knowledge of local sedation guidelines and protocols.

Suggested supervision level

  • 3 - supervisor on call from home for queries able to provide directions via phone or non-immediate attendance.

Cross links with other domains and capabilities

  • General Anaesthesia
  • Resuscitation and Transfer
  • Intensive Care